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Info finden auf Life123.com. Hier haben wir alles, was Sie brauchen. Interrail pass Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen Interrail Global Pass. The most flexible way to travel in 33 countries. Explore Europe with ease and enjoy more freedom than ever with a mobile Pass, delivered to your phone. Buy now, travel up to 11 months later. No need to choose a start date until you travel. Free, instant delivery - add it straight to the app

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The Interrail Global Pass. 33 countries, 1 rail pass. Your Global Pass can take you to over 40,000 destinations across 33 European countries. Map your whole route in advance or decide on the day - it's up to you Interrail Global Pass kan köpas som antingen Flexi eller Continuous. Flexi-passet har alternativ med 4, 5 och 7 resdagar att använda inom en månad eller 10 och 15 dagar att använda inom två månader. Continuous pass är tillgängliga med 15 eller 22 dagar och 1, 2 eller 3 månaders giltighet. Interrail One Country Pass är tillgängligt me Interrail Global Pass säljs med upp till 11 månaders förköp till ungdomar (12-27 år), vuxna (28-59 år) och seniorer (60- år) En vuxen kan ta med två barn under 12 år gratis. De får kostnadsfria Interrailkort som också berättigar till reservation av plats med pris. För grupper som betalar minst tio Interrailkort finns ett specialerbjudande

Interrail Global Pass låter dig resa praktiskt taget obegränsat inom 33 olika Europeiska länder. Ta dig enkelt till - och från - nästan var som helst. Det spelar ingen roll hur mycket du reser, priset förblir lika lågt oavsett With the Interrail Travel Pass, the dates on which you travel remain flexible. However, do note that the Travel Pass will have a Start Date. From this start Date on, your Travel Pass will be valid for 30 days. You can postpone your departure date, but keep in mind that you might lose some valid days of your pass The pass is valid on all trains operated by the national railway companies and on some ferries between Greece and Italy. The Balkan Flexi Pass is available with 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 travel days within two months. As with an Interrail Pass you have to fill in a travel day in the travel calendar prior to boarding the first train on that day Flexi means that the Interrail lasts for an overall period of either 1 month (for the 3, 5 or 7-day passes) or 2 months (for the 10 & 15-day passes), starting on any date you specify, but you only get 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 days of unlimited travel within that period

Bilet Tipi Fiyat (2. Mevki) ? 1 Ay İçinde 4 Gün (Flexi) ? 1670.50 TL (€ 185.00 Flexi Pass. A flexi pass is only valid on certain days during your trip, but don't worry as you get to choose exactly which days and write them on the pass, these are called travel days. As long as you don't go over the number of travel days you're allowed, there will be no problems Interrail Pass, you will have to buy a ticket for that part of journey at a normal fare. You can start travelling after 00:00 hours on the fi rst date of validity, and the last trip must be completed by midnight (24:00) on the last date of validity. Similarly, travel days for Flexi Passes span from midnight to midnight. Flexi Pass Receiving your pass. Interrail Passes are paper passes; they'll be sent to you via registered mail.You'll also receive a guide on how to use your pass and a railway map. Using your pass. Your pass allows you one outbound (and one inbound journey) in your country of origin, so you can begin travelling as soon as it arrives in the post

Interrail Global Passes valid for 15 days, 22 days or 1 month are Continuous Passes. Continuous Passes can be used on unlimited valid services (every day) during the period in which the Pass is valid. Interrail Global Passes valid for 5 or 10 days within a longer period of time are Flexi Passes If you have a flexi Pass, remember to fill in the date of each travel day in the travel calendar, which is printed on your Interrail Pass. Do this before you board your first train of the day. Not doing so is the same as travelling without a ticket, so watch out - you could end up with a fine Bilet Tipi Fiyat (1. Mevki) ? 2 Ay içinde 5 Gün ?: 1083.60 TL (€ 120.00): 2 Ay içinde 7 Gün ?: 1462.80 TL (€ 162.00): 2 Ay içinde 10 Gün ?: 1896.20 TL (€ 210.00

The Interrail Global Pass practically gives you unlimited travel within 33 different European countries. Go from - to almost everywhere. It doesn't matter how much you travel, the price will still reamain low. With the Interrail Global Pass you choose a certain amount of travel days and a period of validity What is the Flex (DiscoverEU Interrail) Travel Pass? With a Flexible DiscoverEU Travel Pass, you will receive the Interrail Global Pass to your doorstep. This means, all conditions of an Interrail Global Pass will apply

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Interrail Global Pass låter dig resa praktiskt taget obegränsat inom 33 olika Europeiska länder. Detta är perfekt för dig som vill resa i flera länder, lika väl en planerad resa som spontanresan. Läs mer. Platsreservationer. En platsbiljett är en kompletterande biljett till ditt Interrailpass Vi behandlar Interrail Pass med startdatum närmast i tiden först. Var vänlig kontakta vår kundservice så hjälper de dig med ett eventuellt återköp. Vi rekommenderar att du följer UD:s anvisningar gällande resor. Är du osäker eller har frågor kring en kommande eller pågående resa med Interrail är du välkommen att kontakta vår.

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Balkan Flexipass. BALKAN FLEXIPASS NEDİR? / NE DEĞİLDİR? BALKAN FLEXIPASS, Balkan Ülkelerinde, Bulgaristan, Makedonya, Romanya, Sırbistan, Karadağ, Bosna Hersek(Bosna Hersek ve Sırp Cumhuriyeti), Yunanistan ve Türkiye de gezginlere ucuz ulaşım olanağı sağlamayı amaçlayan bir pas bilet uygulamasıdır.. BALKAN FLEXIPASS, 2 Aylık geçerlilik süresi içinde Balkan Ülkelerinde 3. INTERRAIL GLOBAL PASS FLEXI TRAVEL CALENDAR BELOW MUST BE FILLED IN: TIME DATE VANESSA GREEN NETHERLANDS ***** FULL NAME: COUNTRY:* INTERRAIL PASS-/ID-NR: VALID: 28/12/2019 - 27/02/2020 DATE OF BIRTH 04/02/1988 FROM TO TIME CLASS. Copertina del pass Il biglietto è pinzato e protetto all'interno della copertina With Interrail's Flexi Global Pass, a direct overnight train leaving before midnight only uses one travel day (the day of departure). Reductions on privately owned trains. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources

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  1. Flexi Pass tickets are valid for 5 or 7 travel days within a 1-month period, or for 10 or 15 travel days within a 2-month period. Continuous Pass tickets are valid for 15 or 22 successive days or for 1, 2 or 3 months. Interrail One Country Pass. Interrail One Country Pass is valid for travel on rail networks in your selected country
  2. Har du några frågor eller problem? Kontakta vår kundtjänst på 0771-75 75 70 så hjälper vi dig! Tänk på att Interrailpass inte omfattas av lagstadgad ångerrätt.Var därför noga med att ange korrekta uppgifter
  3. Travel with ease on the national rail networks of Bulgaria, Greece, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey
  4. The Balkan Flexi Pass offers unlimited First Class rail travel in the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From beautiful beaches, historic architecture and rich culture galore, this European trip is one of a kind
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Prix Interrail One Country Pass. Prix en CHF vallable dès le 05.01.2021. Prix Level A: Allemagne, Grande-Bretagne. Prix en CHF, 1 re cl. Sous réserve de modification. (Flexi) 282.00 0.00 226.00 253.00 4 jours en 1. Interrail Global Pass Offer (regular prices) (2020) 1st Class 2nd Class; Adult Child Youth Senior Adult Child Youth Senior; 4 days in 1 month (Flexi) € 328,00: € 0,00: € 246,00: € 295,00: € 246,00: € 0,00: € 185,00: € 221,00: 5 days in 1 month (Flexi) € 376,00: € 0,00: € 282,00: € 338,00: € 282,00: € 0,00: € 212,00. InterRail Austria Pass rail pass from Internationalrail.com. Flexible and cost effective way to discover Austria and other European countries by rail

The Japan Rail Pass offers great value! It's an economical way to travel throughout Japan's extensive rail network, considered to be one of the most efficient in the world. This includes travel aboard the world famous Shinkansen 'bullet trains', limited expresses and local services With Interrail Global Pass you can travel across Europe by choosing the flexible variant (use 4 days from 1 month of validity, 5 days from 1 month of validity, 7 days from 1 month of validity, 10 days from 2 months of validity, 15 days from 2 months of validity) or the continuos variant (use 15 continuous days, 22 continuous days, 1 month continuously, 2 months continuously or 3 month. InterRail Sweden Pass. Discover Sweden - where natural beauty and modern living are in perfect harmony. Visit Stockholm's magical archipelago, Lapland's Northern Lights and midnight sun and much more with unlimited rail travel in Sweden The Interrail Global Pass offers you the freedom of 33 European countries, from Portugal to Finland and from Ireland to Turkey. See Europe at your own pace - the Global Pass ranges from a short 'Flexi' duration of 4 days in one month up to a maximum of three full month's continuous validity with prices starting at just £164 per person for a 2nd Class Youth Pass

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  1. One pass, a thousand destinations! Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, for a few days or a whole month - our rail pass offers allow you to enjoy unlimited travel throughout Europe or German
  2. Your Interrail Benelux Pass gives you the freedom to explore 3 fascinating countries on 1 pass. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are yours to explore. An Interrail Benelux Pass offers you the flexibility of unlimited travel on 3, 4, 6 or 8 days within a month
  3. Eurostar passholder fares... Interrail & Eurail passes allow you to use Eurostar between London, Ebbsfleet or Ashford and Calais, Lille, Paris, Brussels, Disneyland, Rotterdam & Amsterdam if you pay a special Eurostar passholder fare. Eurostar became a full member of the Interrail & Eurail pass schemes in January 2017.. However, the direct Eurostar between London & Lyon/Avignon/Marseille.

InterRail Greece Pass from Internationalrail.com. Flexible and cost effective way to discover Greece and other European countries by rail and to travel to Italy by ferry Interrail and Eurail passes are available for the Hungarian railway network, with which you can discover the various regions and sights in Hungary at an affordable price. General information Interrail and Eurail is a pass that, depending on the selected category and validity, allows its holder to travel freely within its period of validity on trains operated by companies that accept these passes Interrail Pass. 311 likes. Interrail Pass & Interrail Ticket InterRail Denmark Pass from Internationalrail.com. Flexible and cost effective way to discover Denmark and other European countries by rail The Interrail Global Pass lets you travel on the train companies in the Interrail community countries, except in your own country. In your country of residence, it is only valid for two journeys: The outward journey between any station of such country up to the border, airport or port

InterRail Romania Pass from Internationalrail.com. Flexible and cost effective way to discover Romania and other European countries by rail The Interrail pass - whether it's a one country pass or a global pass valid in 33 participating countries - offers great value for money when travelling around Europe. Benefits You choose your itinerary - Explore a single country with a One country pass, or travel around several countries with a global pass out this link for more information: interrail.eu/en/info To travel with a Global Pass in your country of residence, record the outbound and inbound date here and in your Travel Calendar (Flexi Pass only) - even if you have chosen to record your journeys in the Rail Planner app. You can take these journeys in any order Free Interrail tickets for all Europeans turning 18 to #DiscoverEU: an exciting idea that needs your support. Let young people travel the continent and grasp the opportunities Europe offers. Back Manfred Weber in persuading the EU to give youth the journey of a lifetime for their 18th birthday

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Flexi passes enable you to travel on either 5 days of your choice within a period of 15 days, 7 days within a period of one calendar month, 10 days within a period of one month or 15 days within a period of one month. The InterRail One Country Pass is your best choice if you wan A Eurail Pass can only be used by non-European citizens or non-European residents.European citizens can use an Interrail Pass instead, available from Interrail.eu for the same price as a Eurail Pass.. If you are not a European citizen, but you are an official resident of Europe, you can also choose to use an Interrail Pass. We ask for your country of residence when you order, so you will need.

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  1. Your Interrail Pass is precious, but you don't need to worry about losing or damaging your mobile Pass. It's always on your phone, so you can set off on spontaneous day trip or save money with our Pass discounts and benefits, wherever you are. Quick and easy ticket inspection. Your mobile Pass makes ticket inspection easier than ever
  2. Interrail passes cover exactly the same countries & trains as Eurail, Flexi passes are more economical if you plan to stay put for a number of days between each train ride. Flexi passes give 4, 5, 7, 10 or 15 days unlimited travel within an overall 1 or 2 month period
  3. Plan your trip Back. Plan your tri
  4. 5 flexi Pass types available 1st or 2nd class travel options For multi-country itineraries Travel to and across all 33 countries 5 flexi Pass types Interrail Pass has increased its number of countries to a grand total of 33, with Estonia and Latvia are now included
  5. InterRail Pass use in the Netherlands. The InterRail pass is valid for all standard NS train services in the Netherlands including Intercity and sprinter trains - see Dutch Train Types for more info. It is also valid for travel on other Dutch train providers including Arriva, Blauwnet, Breng, Connexxion (Valleilijn), Keolis and R-net
  6. Essentially you can have a 10 day or 22 day pass and can travel on around half of those days. The Continuous Pass gives you 15 days, 22 days or an entire month of continuous travel. These give you maximum flexibility in your plans but cost a bit more than the Flexi Pass. 2. Interrail Pass Single Country Passes You can buy a single country pass.

Interrail Passes are best known for providing you with the flexibility to plan as you go and the ability to take multiple train trips on each travel day. Called the Global Pass for good reason, this is the most all inclusive rail pass available, offering great value as you can create the ultimate European adventure Interrail is your key to exploring Europe. Hop on many of Europe's trains by simply showing your Interrail Pass. Sit back, chill out and enjoy the spectacular views as you move from one cool destination to the next on board Europe's trains. Go in search of sandy beaches, metropolitan cities, top nightlife and new friends from around the world

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Austria What's covered? Interrail & Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), www.oebb.at. That includes all domestic local & mainline trains run by ÖBB and (if you've a global pass) international trains to or from neighbouring countries run jointly by ÖBB & the national railways in those countries Balkan Flexi Pass, travel unlimited through the Balkan Countries by train. Find all cheap rail passes and book (nearly) all your seat reservations with Happyrail! Book now Buy an Interrail Finland Pass and enjoy unlimited rail travel to discover modern architecture in Helsinki, wild national parks and its amazing Lakeland. 1.866.938.7245 info@acprail.com Rail Passe An Interrail Germany Pass offers you the flexibility of unlimited travel on 3, 4, 6 or 8 days within a month. How you use those days is completely up to you; travel on consecutive days or spread your travel out over the month Interrail Passes can be categorised according to the countries in which they're valid (also referred to as 'Pass Coverage'), and the type The Flexi Pass is valid for a set number of days within its overall validity. These days are also referred to as travel days

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The Eurail and InterRail Passes allow you to travel in Thalys subject to the purchase of a Pass ticket. The offer is valid on all international Thalys routes with the exception of Thalys Snow and Sun. Paris - Brussels : from €20; Paris - Amsterdam : from €25; Paris - Cologne : from €2 The Swiss Travel Pass Flex can only be sold to non-residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein. With a Swiss Travel Pass Flex in your pocket, you have an ideal Rail Pass to travel flexible in Switzerland. Read more details about the Swiss Travel Pass Flex and its validity below A Eurail Pass is your ticket to free and flexible travel all across Europe. Explore up to 40,000 destinations in 33 countries with just one rail Pass, from big cities to tiny villages

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  1. Choosing the right pass Duration for rail journey: Flexi or Continuous Pass. The flexible and the continuous passes are the validity of the tickets based on your travel style and schedule on how you want to use your Interrail / Eurail pass. Flexible pass
  2. The Eurail and InterRail Passes allow you to travel in Thalys subject to the purchase of a Pass ticket. The offer is valid on all international Thalys routes with the exception of Thalys Snow and Sun. Brussels - Paris : from €20; Brussels - Amsterdam : from €15; Brussels - Cologne : from €2
  3. Japan Rail Pass erbjuder stort värde! Det är ett ekonomiskt sätt att resa genom Japans omfattande järnvägsnät, som anses vara ett av de mest effektiva i världen. Detta inkluderar resor ombord på den världsberömda Shinkansen bullet train, begränsade uttryck och lokala tjänster
  4. Boarding in Prag, alighting in Zurich - easy. That's travelling by train in Europe. The best tickets to do it are the Interrail and Eurail passes. Thus, nothing will get in the way of the individual, freely arranged journey through 33 countries

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If you're a European resident you can travel with an Interrail Pass. Most high-speed and night trains require a reservation at an additional cost. Learn more about seat reservations. 1st class Passes are valid in both 1st and 2nd class coaches. 2nd class Passes are only valid in 2nd class coaches German Rail Pass promotion. 10% discount on all German Rail passes for 5, 10 or 15 days of travel; Booking period: 1 April 2021 - 12 June 2021; Travel period: 1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022; Enjoy flexible travel in Germany: take as many trains as you like, including ICE services; Bonus: visit destinations outside of Germany (e.g. Venice, Brussels, Salzburg, etc.

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  4. Balkan Flexipass - Gençtur - interrail
  5. What is the Flex (DiscoverEU Interrail) Travel Pass
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  7. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Interrail
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